The Institute for Intrinsic Heath provides training, tools and coaching certification for Igniting the Intrinsic Power of the Inner Physician.

In order to improve the general condition of body or mind, we must go in-toward or bring into use some design or a precept that is already lying within us, that belongs to us by its very nature.

Simply stated, by our very nature we already have within us the precepts or abilities to create, more vitality and whole health of our mind and body.

Using the power of thought in addition to health practices can significantly enhance the outcomes. IIH empowers students to communicate with their own intrinsic wisdom. Personal, Professional and Professional-based coaching.

Take your clients' Healing potential deeper while taking your earning potential higher.

Do you want to get your heart and hands on the most effective way to move in the direction of your passion?

Learn how healthcare can be accessed in different and more effective ways by combining them with constructive thinking.

"By accessing, understanding and using the power of constructive thought, in addition to health practices, the health care practitioner can significantly enhance their patient outcomes. You have the power to change every experience with a thought."

Carol McLellan CST-D

"Until you pay attention to what you're paying attention to, you don't have any governing power over which thoughts you're going to say no to, and which thoughts you're going to say yes to, which energies you're going to vibrate with, and which you're going to allow to dominate you. This is fundamental to you being free."

Mary Morrissey

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

4 Powerful FREE One-Hour Online Classes

  • Learn 4 Transformative Tools that will show you how to access, understand and use the power of constructive thought in combination with your healthcare practice.
  • Uncover the Powerful Force Within that has the ability to create vitality and complete health.
  • Discover How to Use This Miraculous System to tap into the profound power of the intrinsic body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn How Healthcare Can Be Accessed in different and more effective ways by combining them with constructive thinking

Beginning Tuesday, May 15th at 6PM Pacific Time

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